Apartmans Šulekić


Sv. Filip i Jakov

On the area of the present town of Sv. Filip i Jakov, in ancient history, almost three centuries ago, there was a small Liburnian settlement whose ruins can still be seen in dry walls and grave-mounds that contained archaeological finds kept nowadays in the Biograd Museum. After the arrival of Romans in the 1st century, landed estates and country mansions were built for veteran Roman soldiers, so the ruins of these buildings can still be found in hinterland not far from the church of Sv. Roko, as well as in the coastal area in the direction of Biograd. Today, the ruins can be seen at the location called "Kapelica" and opposite to Sv. Filip i Jakov, on the island of Frmić we have the remains of a Roman cistern from late antiquity.





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1 June - 10 July
15 September - 1 October
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